The Lost Child of Gallifrey
Drabble/Thread AU Prompts (Disney Style)
Lilo and Stitch: Our muses are a broken family that are struggling to stay together. They try to work together to get through the tough times.
Alice in Wonderland: Our muses drop into the rabbit hole, finding themselves in Wonderland.
Peter Pan: One of our muses is Peter Pan (works for male and female muses) who comes for one of our muses and carries them off to Neverland.
Aladdin: One of our muses is a street rat that finds a magic lamp, releasing a genie (which one of your muses could be).
Beauty and the Beast: One of muses is a beast, and the other muse will be Belle who has to give up their freedom to save a love one.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: One of our muses is running away from someone that wants them dead. The other muse saves the other muse and hides them.
Sleeping Beauty: Your muse is under a sleeping spell. My muse must wake them up.
Treasure Planet: Our muses go on an adventure to find Treasure Planet. Encountering pirates along the way.
Pinocchio: My muse will be your muse's conscience to try to keep them out of trouble.
The Rescuers: Our muses are secret agents that are sent to save a person.
Robin Hood: One of our muses is a outlaw and the other muse is royalty. Both of them fall in love for each other.
Cinderella: My muse is a fairy godmother or godfather that helps your muse get ready for the ball.
101 Dalmatian: One of our muses had been kidnapped. The other muse goes and rescues the other muse.
Jungle Book: Our muses are animals that live in the jungle.
The Aristocats: Our muses are lost, trying to get back home.
The Black Cauldron: Our muses go on a journey (to find the Black Cauldron or something rare.)
The Fox and the Hound: Our muses used to be friends, but now they're enemies.
The Great Mouse Detective: Our muses are detectives and solves cases together.
The Little Mermaid: One of our muses is a mermaid that loses their voice to become human. Then they fall in love with the other muse.
Pocahontas: Our muses are from different cultures and tribes, they see past the difference and fall for each other.
Tangled: One of our muses have been in a tower for most of their lives. The other muse takes them outside and show them that the world's not as scary as they think it is.
((Feel free to add more))


        How pitiful and sad that it had happened so quickly, they had caught him so off guard and if he was angry at anyone for this situation, it should be himself. Every stupid thought manifests in a metallic ringing sound as the Doctor bangs his head against the metal pole they’d lashed him to while they left for something or other. His head still hurts, and he can smell that putrid stench of his own blood in the dark, he can hear his hearts galloping in cadence with the buzz of electric lights. He has no idea who they are, they’d covered his head with a hood before he could come to and make out faces or species. Just his luck, too. 

        “You know I think around here they have something called the endangered species act, which you are clearly violating—” he shouts, tugging at his arms and listening to the creak of rope. A grunt, he attempts to shimmy himself up the pole and onto his feet, only to be shoved back down.

        “C’mon fellas, I’m sure we can work something out— we’ll chat it out over dinner, or brunch. I like a good brunch, though cocktails and I don’t get along so well”

        Silence from his ‘friends’, and an agitated huff. “Well fine, see if I invite you out anywhere else. You’re rubbish dates”

   Most of the time she had been captured, Aurora dared not to fight with them. Not wanting to get beaten, or killed. She sat there in silence, tied to a pole. Being put into a dark, smelly cell with a man that they had taken. Like him, she was unable to see her captures. It made it hard for her to figure out who they were.

   ”I don’t think they’ll listen.” She spoke up, looking across at her cellmate. She give him a sad glance. “They seem desperate though.” She turned her head at the locked door, listening to them talk in their conversations. Ignoring the two people in the cell.

  “I might have a plan, but it might take some time.” She admitted, turning back to the man. Underneath her sleeve, she kept a broken piece of glass that she picked up as a clue while she was investigating. She carefully slid it down her arm. Catching it with her hands from behind her back. She pressed the glass on the ropes holding her, cutting through them.


Doctor Who Merchandise:


Doctor Who Merchandise:

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  • "Where do you think you’re going?"
  • You’re not going anywhere.”
  • "You belong to me now."
  • "There, nice and tight."
  • "Shh, there’s no need to scream."
  • "There, that should keep you quiet."
  • "Why are you doing this?"
  • "Let me go!"
  • "Release me!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "Untie me!"
  • "Mmmph!"
  • "How are we suppose to get out of this?"
  • "Someone will come for me!"